Michelle Lobermeier

Current Title: PhD Student

Current School: Eastern Michigan University

She is currently a 5th year PhD student! She currently working on wrapping up data collection for my dissertation and applying for a pre-doctoral internship in pediatric neuropsychology for next year.

So far, all of her time since graduating from SNC has been spent in graduate school. She has successfully completed her masters thesis and qualifying exam, and has 2 first authored journal articles. She is currently working on her dissertation and hoping to finish that up in the next 9 months. She has also been doing a lot of clinical work as part of her program, including providing therapy and neuropsychological assessment to children and adolescents.

“The DDM lab was a WONDERFUL introduction to the world of psychology research. The opportunity to participate in all aspects of research, from IRB approval through data collection and analysis set me up well to be successful in graduate school. Everything has come full circle for me in the last year, as I have returned to EEG research and helped my current school set up its first ever EEG lab. My experience in the DDM lab helped me be a large part of setting up this new lab, and now I am continuing to grow my EEG data collection and analysis experience by using this methodology for my dissertation.”