Miranda Wilson

By Miranda Wilson,

Hello! My name is Miranda Wilson, and I am a junior at St. Norbert College. I am a Psychology major and a Spanish minor, and this is my first year participating in Dr. Lopez’s DDM lab. On campus, I am a Psychology Teaching Assistant, and I am also in the Honors Program. I work outside of campus as a crossing guard, and I volunteer with the Brown County Sexual Assault Center as an advocate. I was a competitive swimmer for almost 13 years, and although those days are behind me now I do still enjoy the pool.

I am still exploring my options for a career path and maybe grad school, but I am interested in forensic psychology and criminal profiling. The question of “Why do people do the things they do?” was what pulled me into this field of understanding crime in the first place, and ultimately studying psychology for human behavior in general. I am from the West Coast, and before I knew of this school, I had never been to the Midwest, but moving here was a very exciting change for me! The faculty and staff here at SNC really do care for the wellbeing of the students, and the campus is its own community.

My family has always been my strongest support system, and I am extremely lucky to have them by my side. Back home I live with my mom, my sister (who recently started her college journey at Sacramento State University), and two rather exuberant dogs. They have set amazing examples for who I want to be when I become my own fully functioning adult, and my mom especially has been my biggest motivator to find a calling that I truly enjoy and that lets me help others.