Emily Corrigan, BS

Emily Corrigan graduated St. Norbert College in May of 2023 after studying Biology and Spanish. Currently she is obtaining her Masters Degree at the Medical College of WI in Medical Physiology, and she will be applying to medical school in the Spring of 2024!

 “Nothing is more fascinating than learning to understand the human brain. By understanding the human brain, we can better understand each other and ourselves, which make us well-rounded human beings.” 

-Emily Corrigan

Emily said that the DDM lab introduced her to research, and it was her first research experience on campus. Dr. Lopez gave her the confidence to pursue her own independent research which enabled her to learn a lot about creating questionnaires, forming research questions, understanding consent, all while learning super cool neuroimaging techniques. All of this has pushed her to do graduate-level research at the Medical College which she is so excited to begin in the spring semester!