Sierra Peters

Sierra is currently attending Florida State University and is a second year doctoral student in the Social Psychology Program. She works primarily with Dr. Andrea Meltzer researching how romantic relationships begin, develop, and dissolve. More specifically, her program of research examines how various individual difference factors that both couple members bring into their relationships (e.g., motives, self-regulation, attachment) influence their relationship processes and outcomes (e.g., infidelity, satisfaction, stability). She recently just published a first-authored manuscript in Archives of Sexual Behavior entitled “Newlywed Couples’ Own and Partner Sexual Disgust Sensitivities Interact to Predict Their Marital Satisfaction Through Their Sexual Satisfaction.” Sierra also works with Dr. Jon Maner researching pair-bonding and sexual behavior from an evolutionary perspective. For example, some of her work examines how people’s sexual interest toward their romantic partners might have implications for their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors toward alternative partners. In addition to her research endeavors, Sierra is a psychology department teaching assistant. Currently, she is an instructor for the undergraduate Careers in Psychology course. When Sierra is not conducting research or teaching, she likes to go hiking and spend time with her kitty.

Sierra remembers her time at St. Norbert College (SNC) incredibly fondly. In particular, she credits Dr. Lopez and the DDM Lab with providing her with the research experience she needed to help her refine her career goals and gain the experience necessary to be admitted into graduate school. She has a special interest in paying this experience forward, so she frequently mentors both SNC and FSU undergraduates and assists them with their graduate school application materials. If you have any questions, Sierra’s email is