I am currently attending the Graduate School of Social Work at The University of Denver! Right now, my concentration is in mental health, but I have a large interest in policy as well. Besides attending classes, I also have an internship with Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS), where I run group therapy sessions, have individual clients of my own, and assess incoming clients to the program. I have been learning A TON, and love the demographic of people I am working with. I also have a job on campus with the Center for Housing and Homelessess Research (CHHR). I just completed a research project that researched the importance of Trauma-Informed Design when building shelters for youth experiencing homelessness. My team and I toured around Denver and ran focus groups for the youth and staff alike and drew up a qualitative report for the Tri-City area. Grad school has been incredibly busy, but I have never been so passionate about what I am learning. Denver has been suiting me perfectly; my roommate and I love to explore, camp, and hike any free day we have. I definitely belong in the mountains. 

I look forward to the rest of my time in Denver! I know I wouldn’t be as confident if it weren’t for the skills I learned in the DDM lab.